About us

Creative Industries Center "Taurapilis" is a place where art meets business and technology. This is where small and medium-sized CI businesses (SMBs) find special treatment, modern equipment, professional consultations and creative community in one place. 

Utena Business Information Centre's branch CIC "Taurapilis" has opened on 26th of November, 2015. It has been created to guarantee favourable conditions for people, working in creative industries sector in Utena. 

“Taurapilis” is actively engaged into activities which seek to implement new business models, foster production of innovative CI products and services, consolidate cultural life in the region as well as encourage various collaborations among artists, entrepreneurs and scientists.

More than 60 percent of "Taurapilis" space contains studios. Other venues are used for realisation and demonstration of creative results, community needs and administration.

There are 17 studios perfect for permanent and hourly residing and events organisation.

There are already 10 residents (individual and juridical bodies) working in CIC "Taurapilis". They've already employed 20 people and work with up to 50 more CI representatives.

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