Creative Industries Center "Taurapilis" contains Art club, film venue, textile studio, photostudio, visage studio, studio theatre, studio of modern technologies, visual and audiovidual studios, two art studios, music studio, recording studio and dance studio.

Studio theatre contains a retractable seating system (203 seats) so by only pushing one button it can be easily transformed into concert hall for 300 people or well-equipped conference venue. It is an optimal choice for those, who organize non-massive events: alternative music concerts, niche activities, professional conferences.

Art club can be used for various events and is easily transformed according to needs of the customers.  Up to 50 people can comfortably and productively work in this multifunctional venue. There were already many conferences, meetings, workshops organized as well as exhibitions, rehearsals and even dance lectures held.

Gallery-youth studio is a venue which guarantees close relationship between performer and the audience. There are no walls, no stage, no sound or light engineers, no wires... if musicians want, they can play next to the door and actors can sit among spectators.

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